did you hear the one about the about…?


Well you have to start somewhere..

So where were you on Monday evening last..? Some of us sat in on a meeting called by local councillor Heidi Alexander and attended by familiars of PCF, Coopepys, Pepys Resource Centre, Somalian Centre and Community2000 as well as interested individuals from around the borough.

Needless to say , circular discussions about how to stimulate engagement, fund activities and support local community action were bounced round the well attended meeting but the mixed feelings in the room rather overshadowed the overall optimism many feel for some of the organisations and community spaces represented. Clearly, outcomes following SRB and local authority spend fall short of expectations and the rising need for appropriately focussed public spaces and effective resource building heighten the need for action, acknowledgement and support now.

Come on Planet Pepys, don’t let another decade of decline and dissolution follow the dissent and decay of the last! Self provide.

“regeneration is fine but who draws the line”

James Stevens


5 Responses to “did you hear the one about the about…?”

  1. andyfreeman Says:

    Did this meeting have an agenda or was it minuted or video taped?
    Andy Freeman

  2. andrewkbrown Says:

    Hello, welcome to the local blogging community.

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  5. Andi Freeman Says:

    More from Heidi…

    I emailed Heidi and asked her if there were any minutes or agenda to first meeting, this is her reply;

    ‘I did pull together a meeting of a number of the community groups on Pepys a few weeks ago but am slightly embarrassed to inform you that there was no agenda, nor were any minutes taken. I don’t normally conduct meetings in this manner but on this occasion, I was keen that everyone who attended felt they could speak openly and that we would not be constrained by items on a formal agenda. I had suggested the meeting take place because I was aware that a number of local organisations were facing some difficulties and I was keen to explore whether there was any way in which those organisations might be able to work together more productively. I did not personally manage invitations to the meeting and so to an extent relied upon Lewis Herlitz at PCF to spread the word (again, not an ideal situation but necessitated by the short timescale in putting the meeting together). Representatives from PCF, PRC, Co-op Pepys, the 2000 Community Action Centre and SEDEC (Somali Education and Development Centre) attended. I thought it was a productive meeting and it was agreed that I would facilitate a further meeting of 2 representatives from each of the groups to continue the dialogue that was started at the first meeting. I haven’t set this up yet but hope to arrange for the first week in April. I will then leave the group to continue its discussions as I am keen that this is led by the community and not a councillor.’



    I don’t think there have been any more meetings that I have heard about. Has anyone heard anything more?

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