The Tower starts Monday 25th at 10:35pm on BBC1


The first of an eight part documentary will be shown tomorrow night Monday 25th that follows the lives of some residents of the Pepys Estate. It will be interesting to see the final product from the BBC having seen them operate on the estate over the last few years. It seems from the title that they have found their ‘story’ as it was unclear to many of the people in the film exactly what it was about whilst it was being made. The producers that I talked to a couple of year ago claimed it would be an ‘educational’ film and couldn’t give any information about what the target audience would be or what channel or time slot they were aiming at. I guess this they said this so as not to try and scare residents away from them. Having talked to one of the participants Cherry yesterday I know that none of the participants have seen the episodes and signed forms waiving all rights before filming began. She was told by phone that she would be in episode 6 and that it would be ‘upsetting’ but she is looking forward to it very much. There are some links to reviews of the first episode distributed to journalists below;

One thing is certain, that the profile of the Pepys Estate for better or worse is going to shoot up in the next few weeks. Maybe we might even see some of the 11 million pounds that Lewisham Council sold the tower for come back onto the estate.

If anyone sees reviews or discussion of the program please add any links as posts in this section.



7 Responses to “The Tower starts Monday 25th at 10:35pm on BBC1”

  1. Bob Says:

    So, what’s the verdict? I thought the first two episodes have been really impressive in the way they weave a story, the quality of the filming, the way they show how the private developers surfed their way to major profits on the back of state-subsidised “regeneration”. The did an excellent job of Les B’s story. A little cruel to Wayne. Leol comes across really well.
    Criticisms: it really overplays the contrast between the luxury of the new tower and the squalour of the old. They don’t let you see many ordinary folk doing ordinary happy things on Pepys. Maybe they’ll come in later episodes.

  2. Ellis Says:

    I think the makers have tried to give a genuine portrayal of everyday lives in and around ‘The Tower’. What I think they’ve come away with is a very ‘them and us’ view.

    Its a shame that there isn’t a balance of wealth between the two sides… the shortsighted ‘rich’ moving in to an area they see (excitedly!) as “inner city Deptford just over there”. It’s almost like they feel they’ve found a new playground.

    Doug from the John Evelyn local pub on the other hand has an infectious belief in a bright future for the area. I hope for all the locals that this eventually plays out.

    I’ll be returning to see the next episode, just to see the daft rich girls buying up property , and that because of them they are “sowing the seeds” for a better future…

  3. soulboyluis Says:

    I’ve seen the first two episodes and now want to have a pint in the John Evelyn – I felt bitterly sorry for the landlord and his wife struggling to provide a social point of contact. I’m hoping that the Made in Deptford effort they made pays off, though the blurb said 9am on a sunday??

  4. mojo Says:

    i am so ashamed… i can’t believe i am related to some of those people in that programme. they are all coke heads, and nobody has any idea of exactly how crap that estate truly is. it’s riddled with drugs, and i know this as a fact. i can’t believe that a programme was based around that kind of people.

  5. caroline Fox Says:

    in reply to mojo I live on the Pepys and it is not CRAP what are you doing to those you no. The Tower only showed the bad things for sensational programme ratings and they got it. Real people on the estate try to live a good life and dont need shit like this to be put about. You should be ashamed of your self

  6. magz Says:

    It was interesting to see Harry, Wee Wee and DAGE on the last episode.

    However no ordinary folks were shown who live nearby like myself, there are middle class and working class people and families who live far closer and in harmony than those addicts they highlighted.
    The show was really distorted. The only truth that came out was the injustice of Lewisham Council selling off social housing.

    The young people in this area have a real lack of places to go and things to do. It was a crime enough when locals a few years earlier asked for derilict land to be made into a park and yet more flats without gardens were built and so it goes.

    The Towers extra floors actually blocks out the light in the mornings on my windows. The Tower programme could have been far better researched and skimmed over many of real issues and ignored local people it was just a sensationalist soap opera in the end. Its also interesting there has been no actual BBC debate on this on online.

  7. His_wife69 Says:

    By default I believe that it is two images. ,

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