PRC still closed


After yet another year of confusion and frustration, the pepys resource centre remains closed. So what the hell is going on? Seems those with the responsibility for keeping this community resource open and available have lost hope. Now stories are surfacing of attempts to hand off the space to Hyde Housing rather than respond to increasing calls for a public access resource centre in the estate. Hey planet pepys , don’t loose this great space at the rivers edge. Protect the community assets and re open PRC.


4 Responses to “PRC still closed”

  1. coopepys Says:

    I talked to Dave Flemming last night who currently has control over PRC. Due to lack of interest by residents and committee members (some of the members hadn’t turned up to meetings for up to three years) and the two key members leaving the estate (Gill and Sasha) PRC has fallen into disuse. Dave Flemming who originally negotiated the lease with the council has taken control largely by default. I believe an ex committee member by the name of Devon had a plan for what to do with the centre but I have received conflicting reports as to the nature of this idea (from a Gospel Church to Black History Centre) so I can’t really comment. I do know that Dave said last night that there was no insurance or public liability so it cannot be re-opened until some kind of plan is in place and funding achieved. He also said that he was awaiting a letter from the council and there was an ‘idea’ in the works. I will try and find out more and post here. If anyone knows Devon it would great if they could them to contact someone at coopepys and let us know what there idea was. The general consensus is that if someone doesn’t come up with a plan for something the council will take it back and use it for something non-inclusive (like housing or a training centre). If we want to keep this resource for community use we have to come up with something. The main problem is that the few people on the estate who have the skills to obtain funding for programmes (mainly Pepys Community Forum) say they are too busy on long term stuff (Oxestalls road proposal, Convoys Wharf) and obtaining funding for the programmes they already run to do anything new. If more people had skills in this area I am sure a community led effort could be made to sort out something at PRC but as there isn’t it seem that we will have to let Dave and the Council come up with a plan.


  2. tallbastard Says:

    So how does Dave or any other single elected person or PRC board member can have control over the future of PRC. Are you suggesting that the community have no interest in operating or using the space?. In the few months during 2006 when the door was held open the centre was busy and active.

    The proceedure for intervention and assertion of community rights to access – those outlined in the articles of the PRC company and the charitable aims – have been blocked by outgoing members – Gill and Sasha in the questionable handing over of ‘keys’ to Dave Flemming and denial of any alternative approaches made prior to this.

    Let all with an interest in holding the space open for all to use declare their interest and assume control at the earliest opportunity.

    Come on Planet Pepys – activate now or loose out again…!

  3. Julie Says:

    The circumstance with Pepys resource Centre remains one of the most saddening and bizarre breaches of “power” in modern times. As a person who regularly used PRC between 2004 and 2006, I have seen the blatant and ignorant behaviour by newly-elected management committee members who refused to work in collaboration with staff members at the time.

    The Centre is supposed to be used for community and employment activities and for a range of persons regardless of ethinicty. Turning it into some kind of Black History Museum or a Black Church will breach its remits. Having a handful of Committee members who started launching self-publishers there and having a pathetic cafe offering fizzy drinks is also laughable. At one point, Pepys had one vagrant hoarding unsafe items taken from skips throughout Deptford. Such a beautiful building degraded in such manner because of the nasty politics that unfolded before my own eyes.

    From my understanding, Dave Flemming is not even a member of the Management Commitee so had no right to be a key-holder. Gillian Cooper and Sashas (whatever his name was) are married and should not be on the Board together. Likewise, Devon Thompson should have been retired like all these useless people who do not know waht it means to be a management commitee members. From my recollection, Mr Thompson has never attended a management committee meeting for the last three years!!! And he is supposed to be the Chair!!!!!!!!!!!

    It is about time the residents on the Estate start getting involved in safeguarding their resources. The fact that there is no public liability insurance is a joke! This can easily be obtained, in fact, some residents have expressed willingness to PAY for this certifcate. Other persons have agreed to voluntarily fund-raise for the Centre. I am willing to become involved, by simply resigning the current Management Commitee members and forming a new body. I am also willing to fund-raise for Pepys, having had substantial experience and success in this area.

    As I said, it is indeed bizarre that such circumstance arose for the last two – three years.


  4. tallbastard Says:

    Julie – firstly an apology as I somehow missed you comment when posted in August and it has only now been published. This blog has become very quiet this year. i think we are all feeling the rise in demands for our attention from all sides.

    PRC is a tragedy of epic proportions. I don’t live on the estate but have grown fond of many people I have met whilst visiting coopepys and helping to build OWN out across the area.

    As i understand it Hyde housing are now controlling its future, I did make enquiries and spoke to someone there who expressed interest but didn’t respond over the summer. Perhaps there is something yet to be done?

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