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Creativity In Scene

June 5, 2008

Coopepys art club has an OPen Evening for its new exhibition on Saturday 7th June. It opens at 5pm. So come to 1, Daubeny Tower, Bowditch, Pepys Estate SE8 3QN and refresh yourselves and skin your eyeballs!



Pepys film club

October 23, 2007

Residents of Pepys Estate have successfully secured funding to establish and operate a film club to regularly screen popular and specialist cultural and ethnic films. The Comunity2000 Centre will host the club screenings and administer the fund, purchase equipment and assist film club members to hold events. The first monthly screenings will take place before the end of 2007 once the audio and video equipment is installed.

If you are interested in joining the film club and wish to suggest titles to screen please visit, get in touch with


October 23, 2007

Coopepys now boasts a good set of resources for those visiting the space

  • a well equipped darkroom with colour as well as monochrome exposure and processing
  • a fabric lab with sewing machines and production tools.
  • a computer lab for media production and publishing via high speed network
  • the long established art club room for paint and collage..

Plans are in place to add audio post production and internet radio broadcast sessions but in the meantime tune into Reson8 the Coopepys channel on

PRC still closed

July 21, 2007

After yet another year of confusion and frustration, the pepys resource centre remains closed. So what the hell is going on? Seems those with the responsibility for keeping this community resource open and available have lost hope. Now stories are surfacing of attempts to hand off the space to Hyde Housing rather than respond to increasing calls for a public access resource centre in the estate. Hey planet pepys , don’t loose this great space at the rivers edge. Protect the community assets and re open PRC.

did you hear the one about the about…?

March 8, 2007

Well you have to start somewhere..

So where were you on Monday evening last..? Some of us sat in on a meeting called by local councillor Heidi Alexander and attended by familiars of PCF, Coopepys, Pepys Resource Centre, Somalian Centre and Community2000 as well as interested individuals from around the borough.

Needless to say , circular discussions about how to stimulate engagement, fund activities and support local community action were bounced round the well attended meeting but the mixed feelings in the room rather overshadowed the overall optimism many feel for some of the organisations and community spaces represented. Clearly, outcomes following SRB and local authority spend fall short of expectations and the rising need for appropriately focussed public spaces and effective resource building heighten the need for action, acknowledgement and support now.

Come on Planet Pepys, don’t let another decade of decline and dissolution follow the dissent and decay of the last! Self provide.

“regeneration is fine but who draws the line”

James Stevens